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An Element of Passion

Posted on 13 December 2013 by Odete Passingham

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Seeker of ValueMost of our daily interactions are guided by what we expect from different types of relationships. With family we hope for reliability, security and protection. From friends we ask for loyalty and support. With lovers we demand excitement and intimacy. But it's the social commitment we form with our colleagues that interests me here, our collective expectation that everyone will “Get the Job Done.”

At SYSPRO we call our collective expectations our “brand muscles.” As a company, we encourage each other to flex those muscles, by being “expert, individual, smart, reliable, tenacious and responsive.” Those six words reveal a great deal about SYSPRO, not just about our culture and our employees, but also about the passion we share for our jobs.

According to a 2012 study by Deloitte LLP “Unlocking the Passion of the Explorer” the business environment is in the midst of a shift, from the world of “scalable efficiencies” to the modern reality of “scalable learning.” In the past, businesses changed slowly, information was slow to circulate, and an employee's skill sets might last a lifetime. Today, successful businesses must be agile in the face of constant change, information flows rapidly via digital channels, and an employee who believes that his knowledge and skill sets are written in stone could be a liability. The answer to remaining competitive, says Deloitte, is to elicit and encourage a passionate workforce: “We must figure out how to thrive—and not simply survive—in this new uncertainty, and we believe that individuals with worker passion will be the key.”

Employee passion is nothing new at SYSPRO. We empower each other as employees, and we strive to empower the companies that work with us. We encourage our customers, for example, to choose a passionate employee – a Seeker of Value – to help bridge the gap between our organizations. When the Seeker of Value truly embraces the role, the result is invariably an increase in the flow of knowledge, leading to reduced costs and greater ROI. This, for me, speaks volumes. “Getting the Job Done” is never more rewarding than when the colleagues you work with expect and respond with an element of passion.

We’d love to hear from you about how you promote the ‘passion of the explorer’ in your work?

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Odete Passingham

Odete is a past employee of SYSPRO Canada.

Over the years Odete worked extensively on the “softer” side of the ERP equation. Prior to joining SYSPRO Canada, Odete was employed by a SYSPRO VAR, and by a SAP and Microsoft VAR. Contrasting the two experiences made her appreciate the value that customers receive from a company committed to a single solution – where SYSPRO boasts one of the highest levels of customer retention in the industry. Odete strongly believes that such longevity is a factor in fostering a sense of community – which ultimately fosters retention.


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