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Three Common ERP Myths De-Bunked – Myth #3: Selecting on functionality

Posted on 22 July 2014 by Erin Schlee

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Technology-and-functionalityWe are told time and time again, we should not always be so quick to believe everything we hear, and this also holds true in the software industry - particularly ERP.

In my first blog on de-bunking common ERP myths, I discussed the fallacy that ERP is too hard to learn. In my second blog I explained why there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ERP system. In this blog , I discuss why there is more to selecting an ERP vendor than just the technology and the functionality, and this is certainly true of SYSPRO.

Myth #3- Technology and functionality is the only thing I need to consider when selecting an ERP vendor

It is a fairly common assumption that technology is the only thing to evaluate when selecting an ERP vendor. While the functionality of the product is absolutely critical, there are several non-technical factors that are also important to take into consideration. Three that easily come to mind are a vendor’s culture, consistency and customer success - the three “c’s”.

  • Culture: Select an ERP vendor that matches your company culture. Getting an ERP system and up and running is the start of the relationship; the real value comes down the line when you can really start leveraging the system. To do this, you need to work closely with your vendor or their partner. Having the same culture and value system as your provider goes a long way when ensuring things get done right. How many times have you heard the saying, “The right people make it happen.” Yet, when selecting vendors, people often forget to stop, observe and consider how we will get on with our vendors for years to come. Address this proactively instead of suffering the consequences down the line.
  • Consistency: Consistency paves the road of success. Select vendors that have long, positive track records, have been around for many years, and have successfully delivered thousands of systems while maintaining a consistent leading role in their respective sector. Stay away from vendors that are undergoing continuous public company and investor changes, acquisitions, or have purchased so many different products that they are forced to streamline the breadth of products actually owned by them. Companies with too many ERP products struggle with focus, fit and overlap. Look for a vendor that has a proven long-term record of consistency across the board.
  • Customer Success: Success is the ultimate goal for all involved parties, but it’s important to look for success not in the words of the vendor, but more importantly in the happy testimony of their customers. Are customers talking about the success they’ve experienced with the vendor and the software? Are the successful customers in the same industry as you, or in similar or allied industries? Don’t be scared to ask a vendor for customer references or success stories, or to even request attending one of their user conferences to see first-hand how the vendor interacts with their own customers. Make sure to check out SYSPRO’s customer testimonials here.

No matter what the subject may be, hype and myth are inevitable in life; it’s important to do your research and collect accurate information.  It is especially important when you are thinking about selecting an ERP partner, that you understand the culture of that company and that it is a good fit for your company.  If there are any other stories you’ve heard about ERP and want to “de-bunk,” be sure to contact us at SYSPRO.  We’ll help set the record straight and put you on the path to ERP success.

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Erin Schlee

Erin Schlee is a Marketing Specialist at SYSPRO, USA. She joined SYSPRO in early 2011. Her responsibilities include social media management, and developing product-based messaging and collateral to highlight the value proposition of the SYSPRO product.

Prior to joining SYSPRO, Erin was based at Tesla Motors, in the capacity of Regional Marketing Coordinator. Here she gained valuable experience in high-tech marketing, which prepared her for the ERP Industry.

Outside of the SYSPRO community, Erin is a member of several organizations, including TechAmerica Orange County, the Technology Council of Southern California, and the British-American Business Council.


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