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Maybe it’s time for a change? SYSPRO 7.

Posted on 15 January 2015 by Darren Edwards

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darren_time_for_change_SYSPRO_7Over the last few years I have blogged about the disappointing number of times that I have observed manufacturing and distribution businesses go through a process of identifying a series of business improving changes, but then failed to consider or adopt these changes because the change was too difficult (politically or from an effort perspective). An attitude of ‘we’ve always done it like this and it works ok’ seemed to creep in, which had completely infected the culture of the business and its people – and had unfortunately kept the business firmly planted in the status quo.

To my surprise, it’s looking like things are starting to change.  Maybe the historic downturn in the economy has focused competition, or technological advances have become so well known that businesses are more understanding of what’s possible, or the recent economic upturn has resulted in an ambiance of positivity, or perhaps businesses are now starting to understand more clearly what they can achieve if they put their minds to it and invest in their ERP system!

Over the last 2 years we at K3 SYSPRO have been actively reviewing all of the new features and enhancements in SYSPRO 7 and as a business we have embarked on a UK-wide road show, the aim being to explain the performance benefits, how businesses can utilise SYSPRO Espresso, and how they can also embrace the new ways of reporting in SYSPRO 7.

Whilst travelling around the UK and spending time with some of our SYSPRO 7 upgrade sites, I have noticed that more and more businesses are starting to proactively review their processes and instigate changes to drive better efficiencies through the businesses - especially at those sites upgrading to SYSPRO 7.  The benefits of SYSPRO 7 and its tools are now clearer than ever.

With every new release of SYSPRO, the scope of the automation levels that can be achieved gets bigger, performance improves, it becomes more flexible, the reporting mechanisms get smarter and the functionality increases.  All of these things combined are what a modern business needs from their ERP system in order to stay up to date with core processing trends and new technologies, and to stay at the top of their game and one step ahead of the competition.

If you haven’t upgraded to SYSPRO 7, there is no better time.


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Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards is the Product Adoption Manager at K3 SYSPRO, and has been at the company since 2010.

In his current role, Darren is responsible for the ongoing Investigation and Adoption of new Products & Technologies. Internal Product Education, Supplier Relationship Management and Product Performance he is also responsible for the Specialist Services team which was formed in 2012 to drive through continuous improvement and customer and project issue resolution.

Darren has always believed that you get from your ERP system and Software solutions exactly what you put in, and is a big advocate of tenaciously keeping up to date with the latest software and hardware developments.

He is currently working towards his Microsoft Database Developer Certification, and CIMA accreditation.

Darren is an avid Manchester City supporter and religiously follows the Premiership league. He also enjoys getting out and about in the countryside in his spare time.


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