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The Perfect Partner in ERP

Posted on 3 February 2015 by Cathie Hall

cathie_perfect_erp_partnerRegular readers of the blog may remember my post “owning change” written just after my wedding in November 2013.  It doesn’t take a maths genius to work out that it took me a few more years than most to find my perfect partner.  Fortunately finding the perfect partner in ERP wasn’t so difficult.  I first saw SYSPRO in 2001 and have been a dedicated fan ever since.


Investing Time and Effort

Just like any marriage, you have to invest time and effort in your ERP system.  The more you put in, the more you get out.  Time spent cleaning up your ERP data will reward you with faster processing and more accurate business analysis.  Effort spent selecting the right executive dashboards and organizing them into a customized screen will help you understand the performance of your business and make the right decisions to maximize value.  Time spent customizing SYSPRO’s power-tailored solutions, will reward you with operational time savings and higher data accuracy rates. 


Staying True to Core Values 

You want your partner to mature as time goes by, adapting to the different phases of your life, however it’s also critical that you both stay true to your core values.  SYSPRO understands that change takes time and so provides upgrade paths and legacy programs even in the very latest version: SYSPRO 7.  This enables you to maintain your business processes through upgrades to SYSPRO, ensuring you can improve your non value-adding processes but retain any processes that support your competitive advantage. 



You have to be able to rely on your partner to be there when it matters.  Your ERP vendor must provide that same piece of mind; not just the software but also support, consultancy and development teams behind the software.  With SYSPRO’s 35 year heritage and worldwide network of service personnel you can be sure that you can rely on someone being there when you need them.


Keeping Things Fresh

Finally, you want new ideas to keep your relationship fresh.  With the introduction of SYSPRO Espresso from SYSPRO you can now access SYSPRO 7 from anywhere in the world, any time, from any device.  New tools in recent years such as workflow and DataSwitch allow you to automate the mundane and focus your team on core value adding activities.  Modules such as Inventory Optimization and Sales Order Entry program ensure that with SYSPRO you can keep making improvements to your business year after year.  Serverside printing and changes to the SYSPRO client communication technology make SYSPRO the perfect Cloud partner.  SYSPRO Process Modeling enables you to keep your processes and SYSPRO solution aligned, so you never outgrow your investment in SYSPRO.


What else would you need from a perfect partner? Let me know if there’s anything else you think should be added.


Topics: SYSPRO Workflow Services, SYSPRO Process Modeling, Supply Chain Management

Cathie Hall

Cathie Hall is the Chief Business Officer for the K3 Group, a Biz-Tech group serving retail, manufacturing and distribution customers. She is responsible for executing the strategy and working closely with a range of partners (including SYSPRO) to ensure that customer’s gain real, tangible benefits from their technology. K3 believes in making technology possible.


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