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What ERP can do for you?

Posted on 17 November 2015 by Tracey Gates

What ERP can do for you Would your organization benefit from reducing waste, lowering stock holding, improving efficiency and streamlining internal and external communication channels?

ERP systems are mostly a clever way of containing all your business rules within one system so that your transactions are visible, traceable and transparent. A good ERP system will allow you to view vital real time information enabling you to make better informed decisions.

A great ERP system:

  • contains all your vital data,
  • easily and seamlessly improves internal and external communication,
  • is completely compatible with your business rules,
  • is flexible enough to be able to respond quickly and more effectively to changes in the global market.

And this has to happen alongside the collection and analyzing of this data for future or immediate improvement.

Holding too much inventory costs money, not holding enough inventory costs more money, defects and over production add cost without adding value. Today, we can see the costs of overstocking and storing might be greater than the cost of producing or purchasing more in line with actual demand. By using principles of Lean ERP you can eliminate wastes in inventory, transportation, storage and production by viewing the entire supply chain from end to end.

With the ability to clearly view both upstream and downstream transactions within one system, better decisions can be found more quickly without affecting the efficiency of other departments. By reviewing and ensuring that each department smoothly transitions into the next allows possible bottlenecks to be exposed, examined and resolved. Better decisions are made as a result and a spirit of cooperation can be manifested.

External communication can be immediately improved by automating transactions and eliminating costly duplication errors. Importing of sales orders, for example, can easily be streamlined and authenticated by using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with your customers. For other transactions with suppliers and sub-contractors, SYSPRO uses business objects for configuring rules so that these transactions can flow seamlessly between you and the outside of your organization leading to fewer mistakes and better delivery. Aligning your cash book with your bank allows for automatic reconciliation of transactions.

Enterprise business software systems, like SYSPRO, offer real-time analysis of key events and reduces data redundancy and inaccuracy. It ensures that key strategic and tactical decisions are made from up-to-date, accurate information that everyone in the company understands. It is a continuous process, and with the proper rules and guards in place, can be accurately measured for future optimization.


Topics: ERP and Financial Management, Owning or (Running) ERP

Tracey Gates

Tracey Gates (The Fastidious Fixer) is a Support Manager at SYSPRO Asia Pacific. She has been involved with ERP products since 1995 and with SYSPRO since 2005, initially as a Tester at Head Office before moving to Australia and joining the Support team.

Tracey’s excellent working knowledge of the product allows her to consistently and efficiently resolve customer issues. Her love for the product, the people and the environment in which she works keeps her motivated to continue offering SYSPRO customers practical solutions – even when it involves checking if the printer is plugged in when a Purchase Order won’t print!

When Tracey isn’t fixing things at SYSPRO, you’ll find her on the beach or in the park with her husband and two sons.


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