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SYSPRO Internship 2018: Do You Have What it Takes?

Posted on 5 October 2017 by Deirdré Fryer

deirdre_erp_education_is_key.jpgEvery year SYSPRO runs an internship program offering young graduates and students an opportunity to learn the SYSPRO product, as well as to specialize as a junior consultant or software testing expert.

The program gives interns an amazing opportunity to market themselves for employment to SYSPRO partners within the SYSPRO sales channel and ecosystem.  SYSPRO is looking for twelve dynamic and driven candidates for 2018. Here are some of the key traits we look for:

  1. Tertiary education - a degree or diploma is preferable, or some tertiary education even if incomplete. This shows a certain level of the maturity and an ability to apply yourself, and that you are prepared for the work environment.
  2. Work experience - regardless of the caliber of experience, any work experience is preferable, be it waiting tables, or shop assisting. Work experience, no matter how limited, helps you grasp concepts quicker and apply them more easily.
  3. Problem solving skills - deductive reasoning, troubleshooting and your ability to problem solve is a critical trait as an intern. You must be able to think logically, work through a problem, and follow it through to resolution.
  4. People skills - this applies specifically to candidates interested in consulting. You need to be extremely comfortable and confident engaging with people.
  5. Methodical - this is perhaps more relevant to software testing interns. A structured and disciplined approach is required for facing challenging scenarios.
  6. Enthusiastic - nine months of learning requires enthusiasm and commitment. This same enthusiasm will put you in good stead when engaging clients and potential employers.
  7. Confident - Someone confident, eager, and strong enough to speak up when something is erroneous. These traits are vital when advising clients.
  8. Conflict resolution - How you deal with a stressful situation is important. You must be able to stand your ground, remain objective, and have the calmness and maturity to see a situation from multiple viewpoints before reacting. You must be able to keep your cool, and think before speaking.
  9. Dynamic, flexible and aware - you must be comfortable managing change, especially in an environment where things are changing continuously. Not only is the technology industry a very dynamic one, but the business world at large is continually changing too.
  10. Thirst for knowledge and current affairs - having your finger on the pulse of world affairs and business trends is a must, so is staying up-to-date with news to know more about what’s happening in global business.

If you think you have what it takes, send your CV to We look forward to hearing from you.


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Deirdré Fryer

Deirdré Fryer is part of the SYSPRO Product Services team where her primary responsibility is the SYSPRO Academy which upskills and shares company knowledge with the partners as well as customers. Apart from training the product she is also involved in setting the standard of the curriculum and providing insight into new teaching methods. Empowering people is a passion of Deirdre’s which goes hand in hand with the Academy drive of getting the company embedded in universities. She is not only responsible for arranging university alliances but also managing the partnership, getting involved in research projects and ensuring the right tools, software and information are being used in the university curriculum.

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