Andy Latham, Managing Director, K3 Syspro

Andy Latham (The implementer)

Andy Latham, Managing Director of K3 SYSPRO in the UK, was born in Wolverhampton, but spent most of his school years at boarding school in Leicester. After school he completed a BSc Hons in Chemistry and Business Studies at Salford University.

His move into the IT world happened quite accidentally. Andy was employed in the financial sector when he came across an ICL billboard advertising jobs and free coffee to interviewees. He went in for the coffee and ended up with a job. He always wanted to own his own business, and in 1985 he established Information Engineering Ltd. His company soon became one of only two UK distributors of SYSPRO business software.

Twenty successful years later the business was acquired by K3 Business Technology Group, and Andy was appointed Technical Director in the K3 SCS division. In 2010 the K3 Group rebranded its dedicated SYSPRO ERP division as K3 SYSPRO, and appointed Andy as its Managing Director.

After more than 25 years working with and for SYSPRO, Andy knows the product better than most. He has served in every possible role from helpdesk, to implementation, to development, and everything in between.

Andy is happily married. In his leisure time, he enjoys sport and everything technological. During his years at university he played for the 1st fifteen rugby team until, as Andy puts it: “I became too small for the game and had to give it up.” He now enjoys playing golf.

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