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Independence Through Education

Posted on 22 June 2017 by Gavin Verreyne


In the USA this time of year is very exciting, most people who know of or have kids in school, celebrate some kind of graduation or promotion. It is actually quite fitting that not long after we celebrate Independence Day.

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Topics: Education, Training and Certification

SYSPRO’s Learning Management System

Posted on 20 June 2017 by Tiffany Gierke

tiffany_syspro_learning_management_system.jpgYou know how sometimes you’re driving along a stretch of a familiar road as a passenger and you notice things, beautiful things, which you did not see while driving?

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Topics: Education, Training and Certification


Episode 2: Join the Dots Conference –The ERP Digital Pivot

Posted on 15 June 2017 by Doug Hunter

doug_connect_the_dots_with_syspro_p2.jpgRound two. Minds now expanded and caffeine onboard, a series of SYSPRO executives took the crowd through the SYSPRO Product Road Map including, SYSPRO 8, HTML5, plus the route to Cloud.

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Topics: Selecting ERP, ERP for Manufacturing, Planning for ERP (or Purchasing ERP)

Factories of the Future

Posted on 13 June 2017 by Don Stimson (Guest Blogger)

don_factories_of_the_future.jpgIf there’s one thing global competition has taught us, it’s that our attitudes towards technology can mean the difference between success and failure. Industry 4.0, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, is still in the early days of adoption, but the changes it promises are profound. Over the next decade, forward-thinking businesses will embrace change and transform themselves, through connectivity, data, automation, and an increasingly sophisticated workforce.

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Topics: ERP for Manufacturing, Technology (or Enterprise Technology)

Trends Paving the Way for SMMEs

Posted on 8 June 2017 by Tom Grindley-Ferris

tom_trends_paving_the_way_for_smme.jpgThere has never been a more exciting time to be a small or medium sized business. Technology has levelled the playing field - making it possible for SMMEs to compete with big business. Here are a few of the things making SMMEs smile:

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology)

Episode 1: Joining the Dots with SYSPRO’s Africa Customer ERP Conference

Posted on 6 June 2017 by Doug Hunter

doug_connect_the_dots_with_syspro_p1.jpgAttending our customer conferences across the country reminded me of how important technology innovation is to optimize and future proof our customers business. Speaking to delegates over coffee also grounded me regarding how important getting the basics of ERP, the support we offer, and the way we deal with customers, right as well today.

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Topics: ERP Implementation, Technology (or Enterprise Technology)

6 Reasons to Go Mobile (If You Haven’t Already)

Posted on 1 June 2017 by Paulo de Matos

paulo_6_reasons_to_go_mobile.jpgTraditional ERP systems have simplified and revolutionised modern business. However, in today’s world of globalised and digitised markets, it is becoming increasingly vital to access tools and data on the go. Here are some of the key things driving the move to mobile ERP:

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology), Maintaining/Upgrading ERP


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