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SYSPRO’s Product Roadmap - Always On

Posted on 18 August 2017 by Paulo de Matos


I am certain that many service providers believe that they are adding value to your business. Most have impressively drafted mission statements that reflect this belief. It is debatable how many of these organizations actually fulfill this principle. Our Product Roadmap covers our innovations that focus on optimizing business processes – ensuring that we keep our focus firmly on creating value for our customers.

In this blog, I am going to expand a little on our ‘Always On’ product pillar. This pillar concentrates on a Cloud First approach – a subject that continues to gather momentum globally as a result of it’s ability to maximize capacity and utilization, minimize costs, and improve IT flexibility and responsiveness.

Our aim is to assist organizations in making the move from legacy systems and services to cloud provisioned deployment and systems’ consumption without headache or heartache
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5 Ways to Alleviate Your Food & Beverage Manufacturing Challenges

Posted on 15 August 2017 by Don Stimson (Guest Blogger)


SYSPRO’s association with process manufacturers is long standing, and we continue to enjoy significant growth in our food and beverage customer base. I tend to think that we attract food and beverage customers with our industry-specific functionalities, our service, and the modular, cost-effective nature of our offering. SYSPRO’s enviable track record of retaining customers through periods of growth I credit to the scalability of our solutions, and to the dedication of our service representatives.

In my last blog, I discussed ways that food and beverage companies use SYSPRO to optimize traceability and trade promotions. Today I’m going to move on to cost control and inventory optimization, and finish up with a short discussion of the Cloud.

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Use the Recession to Your ERP Advantage and Come Out Winning

Posted on 10 August 2017 by Doug Hunter

doug_erp_advantageSouth Africans we’re in recession, technically, for the first time in eight years!

Why? Q1 2017 contracted 0.7%, negative growth for two quarters, trade, catering and accommodation contracted 5.9% with manufacturing, SYSPRO’s target, down 3.7% – the World Bank reduced SA growth for 2017 to 0.6%

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The Future of SYSPRO

Posted on 4 August 2017 by Paulo de Matos

paulo_the_future.jpgIt was Benjamin Franklin who so eloquently termed the maxim “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” As an organization, we produce the tools that assist our many customers in avoiding such a fate. But in order to continue delivering innovative, relevant and market leading software, we ourselves need clear insight on market trends and conditions, as well as a well thought out plan for where our offering is heading.

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The Cloud Vs On Premise Paradigm

Posted on 1 August 2017 by Darren Edwards

darren_cloud_paradigm.jpgNowadays there is no shortage of articles that promote Cloud ERP systems and pontificate the impending demise of on premise ERP systems and ‘don’t trust your data to the Cloud’ worries. 

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Topics: Planning for ERP (or Purchasing ERP), SYSPRO User Tips, Owning or (Running) ERP


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