About Chris Grunwell

I am a Support Analyst at K3 SYSPRO, and have been at the company since 2012. I thrive on being a technical ‘doctor’, diagnosing, testing and fixing all things technical. I think I was always destined to end up in the IT arena, given that I was first let loose on a BBC Micro Computer at the age of three – and has been the one charged with fixing the family’s PCs ever since! During my career I have been involved in IT Management, IT Support, Software Development, IT Sales and Web Development. Before joining K3 SYSPRO I worked at a specialist software firm: Steel Software Solutions as their Commercial Manager, where my main responsibilities included: managing both the support and development team, sales & marketing of their flagship ERP product, sales, budgeting, and HR. In my current role at K3 SYSPRO I constantly push myself in order to help customers, test products, write user guides (and whatever else gets thrown at me)! I obtained my BSc in Information & Communication Management back in 2005 from Northumbria University in the North of England. I also hold a PRINCE2 Foundation qualification. In my spare time, I love nothing more than cooking all day on the weekend, whilst following the football and cycling in my spare time to keep fit. I also enjoy music, travel, classic literature and world cinema.

The Transitional Period

The Transitional PeriodBorn within 2 miles of the K3 Syspro offices in Salford, Manchester, I am also proud to be a staunch Manchester United (soccer) fan (who also play 3.5miles from our offices).  In the last 60 years, Man U has been extremely lucky not only to have had just a handful of managers in this time, but to have had a notable two clocking up 52 years’ service between them; with almost identical reigns of around 26 years apiece.  This is unprecedented in the world of English football as it is in any other sport you can think of in the world.  However, in 2012 our most recent managerial stalwart hung up his boots, so to speak, and we now have a new man in charge. Continue reading

What to look for in a software support system

business software support systemAs I begin an 8-month project to setup, test and implement a new internal system for our helpdesk, I have started thinking about the bigger picture of what we do on support at SYSPRO’s European office, and what exactly determines the quality of service that we provide on a daily basis. Read more…

Getting the skills for SYSPRO power tailoring

power tailoring skillsAs a cycling fan, I am excited by the start of each new season particularly spring time as the “Spring Classics” get underway and everyone starts to look towards the summer blockbuster, the Tour de France. This is also the season in which I start to seriously ramp up my training as I look forward to the Tour de France stage (Annecy to Annecy-Semnoz) I will be riding on 7th July. With this in mind, I will share what I consider similarities in learning the necessary skills to power tailor and customize SYSPRO, and training for such a gruelling endurance event.

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The Art of Learning New Systems

The Art of Learning New SystemsIn my current and relatively new position, I’ve had to get to grips with a number of new systems – not only the ‘ins and outs’ of SYSPRO and K3 SYSPRO products, such as DataSwitch, but also with the internal systems required to manage my day-to-day workload. In this blog I’ll share with you some of the tools, sources, and insights I have gained during my first six months within the SYSPRO community.

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The Endless Capabilities of Windows 8

Three syllables which currently polarize opinion wherever you look and whoever you talk to: Windows 8.

I won’t bore you with yet another opinion on whether Windows 8 is going to make or break Microsoft, whether the versions on sale are going to confuse consumers or whether Apple is going to become the all-conquering tech giant off the back of this. What I will share with you is what I’m looking forward to seeing and using in the new Operating System (OS), and how this will affect my personal and professional life for the better.

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