About JP van Loggerenberg

I am a Financial Product Owner at SYSPRO, where I joined the company in May 2013. In this role my primary objective for the product is to keep it simple and endeavour for standardisation, useability as well as legal compliance. My philosophy is to always attempt to work smarter and not harder – I am always on the lookout for improvements to perform standard tasks. This is achieved through collaboration with my team, and all other interested contributors. I have extensive experience in Software Development in the Mobile Telecommunications, Healthcare and Supply Chain and Logistics sectors. I have fulfilled roles in executive management, project management, customer relationship management, business process re-engineering, development of information technology architecture and financial management roles across a multitude of projects in South Africa, Africa and the USA. I have a passion for numbers and structured data management, where I strive to extract the value from the numbers in a format that is decision ready, to provide assistance to management in strategic decision making. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Law) degree, and am currently completing my dissertation for my Master Degree in Business Leadership (MBL). In my spare time, I enjoy looking at new technology developments, reading, playing squash and taking long bicycle rides.

Rounding for accounting accuracy

accounting-accuracyRounding a number sounds such like a minor issue, but in accounting terms it is serious.

The primary rationale of rounding in accounting is to provide a more accurate assessment of a company’s financial state. However, if the rounding is done incorrectly it can result in an inaccurate assessment and presentation of a company’s financial state. Read more…