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Phil Duff (The Naked Programmer)

Phil Duff (The Naked programmer)

Phil Duff

Phil Duff, CEO of SYSPRO, with his brother, Chris, founded the company in 1978. 

Phil believes in continuity and the long term, rather than quick profits. This philosophy is one of the cornerstones bolstering the robust performance and affordability for which SYSPRO is renowned. Phil has stayed true to his values, which are evident throughout the company. Leading a talented global team, supported by over 1600 channel partners, SYSPRO delivers cost-effective, scalable and customizable enterprise software and services to customers across six continents.



Louise Thompson (Blue Sky Thinker)

Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson, Corporate Services Director of SYSPRO, joined the company in 1985, and has been closely involved in SYSPRO’s product development and international expansion.

Louise obtained a Certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) to compliment her extensive knowledge of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry, from Support Services to Implementations, Quality Control, Technical Communications, and Product Marketing.

As Director of Corporate Services, Louise is responsible for the provision of product and technical support, including training and certification; and corporate, product and relationship marketing.


Steve Bassaw (The Eagle Eye)

Steve Bassaw

Steve Bassaw

Steve is a Professional Services Manager at SYSPRO Canada and having been with SYSPRO for over 12 years, has an in-depth knowledge of the product.

Steve’s responsibilities include assisting with pre-sales work, product training to resellers and customers, quality assurance of marketing collateral, seminar presentations, and technical support; all while acting as network administrator for the Canada office of SYSPRO.

As a member of APICS, Steve has developed a sound knowledge of production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing and logistics.

Steve serves on the advisory committee of the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s School of Business where he shares his knowledge on Information Technology and how it supports business requirements.


Meryl Malcomess (ERP Value Seeker)

Meryl Malcomess

Meryl Malcomess

Meryl is Marketing Director at SYSPRO Africa. She has been with SYSPRO for more than 18 years and is involved in determining the strategic direction of its marketing activities.

By the age of 21 Meryl became both the first female and the youngest Financial Manager at a large financial company. Since her early beginnings, she has accumulated experience in commodities and advertising sectors, including a stint running a trucking and airfreight business.

Meryl consistently achieves success by monitoring market forces, including customer behavior patterns and trends highlighted by industry analysts. She also liaises closely with SYSPRO group marketers world-wide.


Wouter Combrinck (The Supply Chain Champion Sc2)

Wouter Combrinck

Wouter Combrinck

Wouter Combrinck joined SYSPRO in 2010 as head of development for manufacturing in the company he is responsible for the enhancement and maintenance of the SYSPRO ERP product with a focus on functionality in manufacturing.

Prior to joining SYSPRO, Wouter accumulated 17 years’ experience in production, quality and IT management, across a diversity of sectors such as construction, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), manufacturing, assembly and packaging. As a certified quality management systems auditor, Wouter has overseen the implementations of ISO 9000:2000, HACCP and Six Sigma accreditation programs, all of which stand him in good stead in his current role.

With his passion for the manufacturing environment and his love for data management, Wouter drives collaborative interaction of software and flow processes to provide workable solutions for the manufacturing business.


Cathie Hall (ERP Blade Runner)

Cathie Hall

Cathie Hall

Cathie Hall is the Managing Director of K3 SYSPRO, where she is responsible for providing customers with business solutions through SYSPRO.

Cathie leads a strong team of support, customer services and technical consultants, along with project managers to provide SYSPRO customers in the UK and Europe with high levels of service throughout their ERP journey.

Cathie’s approach is to always put the customer first, and to build and support a strong internal team of people, ensuring that each individual has a secure place within that team.



Andy Latham (The Implementer)

Andy Latham

Andy Latham

Andy Latham is the Group Managing Director for K3’s Manufacturing and Distribution Division.

Andy has spent nearly his whole IT career developing and implementing ERP systems. He is particularly interested in new technologies and specifically the application of technology to business applications. He has spent many years developing integrated manufacturing solutions with SYSPRO at the core and believes passionately that properly integrated and implemented systems should form the back bone of any modern business.

After nearly 30 years working with SYSPRO, Andy knows the SYSPRO product well. Over the years he has worked in many areas from helpdesk, to implementation, from pre-sales to development and brings a wealth of experience to the team.

In his leisure time Andy enjoys DIY, running, and fishing.


Erin Schlee (The ERP Marketing Maven)


Erin Schlee

Erin Schlee is a Marketing Specialist at SYSPRO, USA. She joined SYSPRO in early 2011. Her responsibilities include social media management, and developing product-based messaging and collateral to highlight the value proposition of the SYSPRO product.

Prior to joining SYSPRO, Erin was based at Tesla Motors, in the capacity of Regional Marketing Coordinator. Here she gained valuable experience in high-tech marketing, which prepared her for the ERP Industry.

Outside of the SYSPRO community, Erin is a member of several organizations, including TechAmerica Orange County, the Technology Council of Southern California, and the British-American Business Council.


Kevin Dherman (The Go-To Guy)

Kevin Dherman

Kevin Dherman

Kevin Dherman is a Product Development Manager at SYSPRO, and has been at the company since 1999. Along with his team, he spends most of his time doing research and development – where he is responsible for investigating new technologies, integration strategies and development.

Before joining SYSPRO he worked at a SYSPRO customer, where he developed add-on programs, reports, including the Kan-Ban system. Kevin was involved with the architecture and development of Solutions, SYSPRO Reporting Services, SYSPRO Office Integration and SYSPRO Workflow Services. Kevin has always believed in choosing the right technology at the right time and the success of the modules that he has developed are testament to this.

Kevin often works closely with the Microsoft development team in Redmond, whilst in the RND stages of a new module. He is regularly invited to lecture at Microsoft Tech-Ed and Microsoft Developer Days too.


Chris Grunwell (The Technical Master Chef)

Chris Grunwell

Chris Grunwell

Chris Grunwell is a Specialist Services Consultant at K3 SYSPRO, and joined the company in 2012. Chris thrives on being a technical ‘doctor’, diagnosing, testing and fixing all things technical.

During his career Chris has been involved in IT Management, IT Support, Software Development, IT Sales and Web Development. Before joining K3 SYSPRO he worked at Steel Software Solutions as their Commercial Manager, where he was responsible for managing both the support and development team, sales and marketing of the flagship ERP product, sales, budgeting, and HR. In his current role at K3 SYSPRO he constantly pushes himself to help customers, test products, write user guides (and whatever else gets thrown at him).

Chris obtained a BSc degree in Information & Communication Management from Northumbria University in 2005, and also holds a Foundation PRINCE2 qualification.


Darren Edwards (The Trusted Trouble-Shooter)

Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards is the Product Adoption Manager at K3 SYSPRO, and has been at the company since 2010.

In his current role, Darren is responsible for the ongoing Investigation and Adoption of new Products & Technologies. Internal Product Education, Supplier Relationship Management and Product Performance he is also responsible for the Specialist Services team which was formed in 2012 to drive through continuous improvement and customer and project issue resolution.

Darren has always believed that you get from your ERP system and Software solutions exactly what you put in, and is a big advocate of tenaciously keeping up to date with the latest software and hardware developments.

He is currently working towards his Microsoft Database Developer Certification, and CIMA accreditation.

Darren is an avid Manchester City supporter and religiously follows the Premiership league. He also enjoys getting out and about in the countryside in his spare time.


JP van Loggerenberg (The Pragmatic Synergist)

JP van Loggerenberg

JP van Loggerenberg

JP van Loggerenberg is the Financial Product Owner at SYSPRO and joined the company in 2013. In this role JP’s primary objective for the product is to keep it simple, striving for standardisation, useability, and legal compliance.

JP has extensive experience in Software Development in the Mobile Telecommunications, Healthcare and Supply Chain and Logistics sectors. He has fulfilled roles in executive management, project management, customer relationship management, business process re-engineering, development of information technology infrastructure and financial management across a multitude of projects in South Africa, Africa and the USA.

JP has a passion for numbers and structured data management, and strives to extract the value from the numbers in a format that is decision ready, to provide assistance to management in strategic decision making. JP holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Law) degree, and is currently completing his dissertation for his Master Degree in Business Leadership (MBL).


 Shaun Butler (SYSPRO Asia Evangelist)

Shaun Butler

Shaun Butler

Shaun Butler is the General Manager of SYSPRO Asia Pacific, having joined SYSPRO in 2003. Whilst Shaun is based in Sydney, he spends a reasonable amount of time in the SYSPRO Singapore office as well as travelling throughout Asia.

Having spent more than 20 years in and around various ERP companies Shaun has found it refreshing to work in the SYSPRO environment, with long term employees who are committed and passionate about a single product.

Shaun’s role is broad and varied but in short he is responsible for the growth and strategic direction of SYSPRO across Asia and the Pacific. He is extremely proud of the company and the team SYSPRO has built, supported by the many customers who place their trust in SYSPRO’s solution and capability.


Dave Cavan


Dave Cavan 

Dave Cavan, Manager, Business Development, SYSPRO Canada. Dave’s background is education, accounting and information technology . He joined SYSPRO in 2012 bringing 30 years of experience with large enterprise solutions, including ERP solutions for a broad range of clients, helping to sell and implement some of the largest public sector ERP and human services projects. Dave’s expertise and experience enable him to effectively identify business challenges and organizational impediments to moving major initiatives forward, and working with management teams to resolve issues that are blocking success in projects.

Outside of his work interests Dave has found a way to combine his love of auto racing and his interest in photography to create a reason to visit and photograph as many races and racetracks as possible; and with a growing family of grandchildren he now has the opportunity to introduce them to these travel adventures as well.


Ian Mann (Guest Blogger)


Ian Mann 

Ian Mann is the founder and managing director of Gateways Business Consultants, a boutique consultancy specializing in leadership and strategy. The firm consults to large and medium-sized businesses in 14 countries.

He is the author of the bestselling book "Managing with Intent," which focuses on strategic implementation, and of the recently released, and highly acclaimed "Strategy that Works." This book contains Ian’s unique approach to strategy that has proven its value across industries ranging from shipbuilding, to pharmaceuticals, and to parastatals.

Ian’s greatest strength is his ability to grasp the key issues in complex organizations rapidly.


Tiffany Gierke (ContentED Contributor) 


Tiffany Gierke 

Tiffany Gierke is the Head of Education at SYSPRO, and has been at the company since 2005. Together with her team, she produces education material in the form of training guides, feature demonstrations and interactive e-Learning modules.

Being responsible for getting the latest product information out to the territory offices means that she is constantly learning about the latest and greatest SYSPRO has to offer. Tiffany feels that SYSPRO’s customization and personalization capabilities make the product exciting and ahead of the ERP game. 

Tiffany is an avid globetrotter and when she’s not running around the office taking notes, she’s running around other countries taking photos.


Brian Carmichael (Solutions Seeker)


Brian Carmichael 

Brian graduated university in 2000 from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where he was very involved in campus activities; vice president of the students’ union, hosted the open mic night in the pub, member of the university’s Academic Senate and other committees. As a result Brian was awarded the Angus Langille award for ‘Senior Student of the Year’. 

After graduation Brian started working in sales for an international office products and furnishings company where he enjoyed a lot of success.  He left this role in 2005 as a Senior Sales Representative to join what was then PAL (Program Applications Ltd.), the predecessor to SYSPRO Business Solutions.

Today Brian’s role is Regional Sales Manager for SYSPRO Canada’s office in Halifax. The same things that got Brian excited about work when he started working at SYSPRO are keeping him busy and entertained today – helping companies become more efficient with their information systems so they can focus on what makes them money.


Paulo de Matos (Sojourner) 


Paulo de Matos 

Paulo worked in the ERP space for the last 23 years. Originally as a technical developer and in a business development role since 1997. Over the last 13 years he has accumulated vast international industry knowledge and experience having worked on 4 continents. Currently, Paulo, is appointed as the Business Development Executive for the Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa for SYSPRO.

Core to his functions, is the development and on-going growth of SYSPRO in the ERP marketplace. This is done via the systematic customer-centric focus on delivering and extraction of value ensuring SYSPRO’s customers have an competitive advantage in their respective industries. In his spare time, Paulo whittles the hours away on lazy Sundays with a fishing rod in hand, hoping for the next big catch.



Simon Griffiths (Enterprise Guy)

Simon Griffiths

Simon Griffiths

Simon is Product and Industry Marketing Consultant at SYSPRO, working in their Corporate Services division. He joined the company in 2007 after having interrupted a previous spell with SYSPRO to sell other ERP software.

With over 20 years in enterprise IT, he has worked in programming, database management, project management, consulting, marketing and sales. In his role at SYSPRO, Simon assists in providing the SYSPRO offices with product and sales support. This includes developing product-based messaging and collateral to highlight value proposition of the SYSPRO product. He is also extensively involved in social networking activities and the development of product strategies.


Natasha Burt (e-Learning Expert)

Natasha Wilson-Taylor

Natasha Burt

Natasha Burt is an Education Executive at SYSPRO and joined the company in June 2012. During her career, Natasha has used her knowledge and experience in improving learning and performance to complete a variety of learning and training projects in the petrochemical, mining and mineral, hospitality, government and public services, and financial services industries.

Having found her true passion in the instructional design and development of e-learning material, she has settled into SYSPRO’s Education department as the e-learning ‘expert.’ Her responsibilities at SYSPRO include creating training guides, updating learning content with enhancements, recording and publishing feature demos, and creating tasks and simulated lessons. She also enjoys coaching and sharing her knowledge with newer members of the learning design and development teams.


Rosanne Hawarden (Guest Blogger)

Rosanne Hawarden

Rosanne Hawarden

Dr Rosanne Hawarden is CEO and Director of Computer Support Enzed Ltd – the largest New Zealand based SYSPRO reseller, and has been part of the SYSPRO family since 1990. In her current role, Rosanne is responsible for SYSPRO sales and support activities for New Zealand based customers.

Rosanne holds a Doctorate in Business and Administration on trade and director networks, with a focus on director diversity. One of the reasons Rosanne has stayed with SYSPRO for so many years is the culture of excellence and encouragement of diversity of thought and practice. Her interest in historic trade networks, especially the medieval network that stretched from China to Africa has led to qualifications and publications in maritime archaeology.


Odete Passingham (Community Connector)

Odete Passingham

Odete Passingham

Odete is a past employee of SYSPRO Canada.

 Over the years Odete worked extensively on the “softer” side of the ERP equation. Prior to joining SYSPRO Canada, Odete was employed by a SYSPRO VAR, and by an SAP and Microsoft VAR. Contrasting the two experiences made her appreciate the value that customers receive from a company committed to a single solution – where SYSPRO boasts one of the highest levels of customer retention in the industry. Odete strongly believes that such longevity is a factor in fostering a sense of community – which ultimately fosters retention.



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