Darren Edwards, Specialist Services Consultant, K3 SYSPRO

Darren Edwards (The Trusted Trouble-Shooter)

Darren Edwards is a Specialist Services Consultant at K3 SYSPRO, and has been at the company since 2010.

Darren’s thirst for technical knowledge started at a young age. His parents can testify to the amount of things they have seen him deconstruct and then reconstruct, to see how they worked.

In his current role, Darren is responsible for investigating reports of performance issues, evaluating integration strategies, and developing solutions – using new and old technologies. Before joining K3 SYSPRO he worked as a K3 SYSPRO customer, where his primary function was to analyze data and investigate process efficiencies. Darren has been involved with the implementation and training of SYSPRO Mobile Applications, Automail, SRS, DataSwitch, and Company Copy and has more recently been focusing his efforts on SQL Optimization and Environment auditing.

Darren has always believed that you get from your ERP System exactly what you put in, and is a big advocate of tenaciously keeping up to date with the latest software and hardware developments.

He is currently working towards his Microsoft Database Developer Certification, and CIMA accreditation.

Darren is an avid Manchester City supporter and religiously follows the Premiership league. He also enjoys getting out and about in the countryside in his spare time.

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