Harold Katz, Head of Marketing, SYSPRO USA

Harold Katz (Technical Enabling Evangelist)

Harold Katz (Technical Enabling Evangelist)

Harold Katz is the Head of Marketing at SYSPRO USA, and joined the company in 2002.

Harold leads SYSPRO’s marketing efforts, providing feedback on technological enhancements, and assisting SYSPRO customers in identifying technology enablers to achieve exponential competitive advantages. He is presently involved in general operations, the development and effective rollout of SYSPRO marketing plans – providing consulting expertise to SYSPRO premier end-user accounts.

Harold has a passion for technology and a drive to apply technology to business, to derive leveraged benefits. His career has spanned two decades, where he has held the positions of: Programmer, Systems Analyst, Operations Manager, Chief Financial/ Information Officer, and CEO of a publicly listed company.

Having worked in and around mid-market businesses his entire career, he identifies with the shared common goal of these unique businesses: How to apply technology to achieve new levels of efficiency. Harold strongly believes in the concept of planning and forecasting effectively at the front-end, to ensure the effective application of manufacturing and distribution principles downstream in the supply chain.

Harold has the equivalent of a BSc Degree with a major in Finance and Business Adminstration, graduated from the presitigious Van Zyl and Pritchard Computer Programming School, completed an Executive MBA Certificate from Wits Business School and holds a number of certificates in marketing, sales and general management.

Harold is an avid car enthusiast and loves reading and studying history and philosophy. His passion for technology and gorilla marketing innovations extends into his personal life where he is a constant analyzer and early adopter of tech gadgets, software as well as social media and marketing trends.

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