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In ERP as with all else "Practise Makes Perfect"

Posted on 6 April 2018 by Deirdré Fryer

My daughter is 8 years old and recently enthused about auditioning for the latest round of Idols but when I told her we would need to Little girl teaching to play synthesizer in music schoolpractice, so she could give an impressive and polished performance, she frowned. In her head, I think she thought she could just show up and do a song off-the-cuff and that was all there is to it.

As grown-ups we know the more we practice usually delivers a far superior result than just winging it. It’s a learning curve. We practiced her chosen song and I noticed her delivery and performance improved the more we practiced. I am pleased to be able to report that my daughter did very well for her first audition, and will only improve with each performance through regular practice.

Effective Implementation Needs Experience

So too, when we implement an ERP system. Our software is industry built, drawing on 40 years of development and implementation experience at the coal face of manufacturing and distribution. This ensures all the challenges faced by business owners in these sectors are anticipated and catered for.

Making the decision to implement (audition) ERP is the easy part – the challenge comes with the actual implementation itself and it is here where experience wins the day and is key for performance success.

When onboarding new clients, we have a practiced process which goes well beyond ‘plug-and-play’, including acceptance testing and needs training, so our implementation is not based on theory but tried and trusted labor and practice.

It doesn’t matter whether we are trying to deliver a breakout performance for Idols or successfully implement an optimized and future-proofed ERP solution, there is no doubt that practice makes perfect – or as close to it as humanly possible.


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Deirdré Fryer

Deirdré Fryer is the Regional Product Manager for SYSPRO Africa, she focusses on understanding the needs and trends of SYSPRO’s customers and the industries they operate in. Throughout her career she has worked in software licensing, support, ERP projects as well as managing the SYSPRO Academy. Deirdré understands that businesses are constantly changing; this is what drives her passion to continuously stay informed on trends and engaging with customers to keep understanding their evolving needs. In her spare time Deirdré enjoys reading a good book and helping her 2 daughters explore and discover all the adventures life has to offer.

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