Louise Thompson, Corporate Services Director, SYSPRO

Louise Thompson (Blue Sky Thinker)

Louise Thompson
(Blue Sky Thinker)


Louise Thompson is Corporate Services Director of SYSPRO.  She joined the company in 1985, after completing a Computer Science degree at the University of Cape Town.

Louise has been closely involved in SYSPRO’s product development and international expansion.

She obtained a Certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) to compliment her extensive knowledge of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry, from Support Services to Implementations, Quality Control, Technical Communications, and Product Marketing. Her experience includes a stint managing SYSPRO Canada during 1996 and 1997.

As Director of Corporate Services, Louise is responsible for the provision of product and technical support, including training and certification; and corporate, product and relationship marketing.

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2 thoughts on “Louise Thompson, Corporate Services Director, SYSPRO

    • Hi Robert

      As one of our valued Africa customers we offer training and certification via our secure zone (Support Zone). If you are not already a member you can request to register from the corporate web site http://www.syspro.com

      You can also request a DVD with all the training material which can be used in a self-paced environment.

      For classroom training and more detailed information regarding training and certification in Africa, please contact Deirdre Fryer on the following email address (Deirdre.fryer@za.syspro.com).

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