Natasha Wilson-Taylor, Education Executive, SYSPRO

- Natasha Wilson-Taylor (e-Learning Expert)

Natasha Wilson-Taylor (e-Learning Expert)

Natasha Wilson-Taylor is an Education Executive at SYSPRO and joined the company in June 2012. Natasha is a seasoned professional when it comes to learning and education. After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and Psychology at the University of Cape Town, she taught English to foreigners, developed e-learning material for off-the-shelf IT products and business soft skills.

During her career, Natasha has used her knowledge and experience in improving learning and performance to complete a variety of learning and training projects in the petrochemical, mining and mineral, hospitality, government and public services, and financial services industries.

Having found her true passion in the instructional design and development of e-learning material, she has settled into SYSPRO’s Education department as the e-learning ‘expert.’ Her responsibilities at SYSPRO include creating training guides, updating learning content with enhancements, recording and publishing feature demos, and creating tasks and simulated lessons. She also enjoys coaching and sharing her knowledge with newer members of the learning design and development teams.

In her spare time Natasha enjoys walking, reading, catching up on the lastest news, watching TV series and spending time with family and friends.

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