Rosanne Hawarden, Director, Computer Support, Enzed Ltd

Rosanne HawardenDr Rosanne Hawarden is CEO and Director of Computer Support Enzed Ltd – the largest New Zealand based SYSPRO reseller, and has been part of the SYSPRO family since 1990. In her current role, Rosanne is responsible for SYSPRO sales and support activities for New Zealand based customers. Rosanne believes that her deep knowledge of SYSPRO and its solid business logic has been invaluable in a far flung reach of the world.

Rosanne holds a Doctorate in Business and Administration on trade and director networks, with a focus on director diversity. One of the reasons Rosanne has stuck with SYSPRO for so many years is the culture of excellence and encouragement of diversity of thought and practice. Her interest in historic trade networks, especially the medieval network that stretched from China to Africa has led to qualifications and publications in maritime archaeology.

In her free time Rosanne enjoys the outdoors, whether it’s her garden, the New Zealand landscape or the African bush.

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