Simon Griffiths, Product & Industry Marketing Consultant, SYSPRO

Simon Griffiths

Simon Griffiths (Enterprise Guy)

Simon is Product and Industry Marketing Consultant at SYSPRO, working in their Corporate Services division. He joined the company in 2007 after having interrupted a previous spell with SYSPRO to sell other ERP software.

After completing a Masters degree in Climatology at University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, his first job involved working on a mini-computer where he was taught programming by an ex-NASA engineer.

With over 20 years in enterprise IT, he has worked in programming, database management, project management, consulting, marketing and sales. In 1983, when Time magazine named the computer as its Person of the Year, he was responsible for supporting the then newly introduced IBM PC at university. He seriously entered the IT field when he obtained a post graduate Diploma in Computer Science.

In 1995 he spent some time in Silicon Valley where he got his first experience in high-tech marketing and soon after that entered the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

As Product and Industry Marketing Consultant of SYSPRO, he assists the Corporate Services Director to provide all SYSPRO offices with product and technical support. This includes developing product-based messaging and collateral to highlight value proposition of the SYSPRO product. He is also extensively involved in social networking activities and the development of product strategies.

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