Getting the skills for SYSPRO power tailoring

power tailoring skillsAs a cycling fan, I am excited by the start of each new season particularly spring time as the “Spring Classics” get underway and everyone starts to look towards the summer blockbuster, the Tour de France. This is also the season in which I start to seriously ramp up my training as I look forward to the Tour de France stage (Annecy to Annecy-Semnoz) I will be riding on 7th July. With this in mind, I will share what I consider similarities in learning the necessary skills to power tailor and customize SYSPRO, and training for such a gruelling endurance event.

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The iCan Device

I am thinking of developing a new and revolutionary handheld device. It will be called the iCan – aptly named to leverage off a famous fruit company’s brand. This is truly a neat device, if I may say so myself. It’s powered by brain waves rather than the more conventional battery (which is oh-so last century technology), and has a touch screen that responds appropriately to any part of your body – not just your finger.

The beauty of the iCan is that it doesn’t actually do anything, because it’s up to you to make it do whatever you like – hence the name iCan. Now I know that some people would baulk at paying good money for something as revolutionary as the iCan so I am also developing another device, at the other end of the spectrum, the weCan – pronounced wiican. This device is designed so that lots and lots of people working together can make the device do something useful – hence the name weCan. Unfortunately the weCan, while in itself not an expensive item, will probably end up costing you millions of dollars in consulting fees.

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