The tenancy issue

In 2010 there was a debate between some of the major enterprise software influencers and bloggers on whether single or multi-tenancy was an issue for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. On the one side was Josh Greenbaum who argued that the type of tenancy should not matter to SaaS users; on the other was Phil Wainewright (here and here) and Dennis Howlett whose views were that multi-tenancy is the only way for SaaS software. This debate is still going on.

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Coming out of the (book) closet

Coming-out-of-the-(book)-closetI like books. You know, the kind that are made out of paper and have words typed onto a page. You may remember them. That was before we had eReaders which I really don’t like. With a real book you can feel the pages and turn them with your fingers. I cannot remember a time when the battery on my book ran out, and if I drop my book on the beach by accident I don’t have to worry that its casing may be broken. In any case, I like my bookmark.

There must be someone out there who likes eReaders because you can buy these things in the shops. I guess it’s all about fashion and choice. You should have the same choice with your computer applications too. Some people just love having their applications installed on their own machines; the thought of allowing someone else to look after their applications and their data is just too horrible to contemplate.

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