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Making auditors happy: Business software security and controls

Posted on 19 September 2013 by Simon Griffiths

auditing-security-governance-controlsHave you heard the phrase “risk is the new black”? It refers to the fact that what people thought was safe has now changed radically. As a result, organizations are now expected to provide investors, customers and regulators verifiable assurance that there are the necessary controls to manage risk, by ensuring segregation of duties, integrity of operations and auditability.

It is becoming increasingly common to hear auditors ask about:

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Topics: data security, security, Governance and Compliance, Business software

Security beyond the safety of ERP

Posted on 18 January 2013 by Louise Thompson

erp data security

In a recent conversation we were discussing how secure our ERP system was, considering all the wonderful levels we had in place such as Role-based, Operator and Group Security; including restricted access at company, programs, feature and field level, not to mention electronic signatures, encrypted passwords and workflow controls.

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Topics: data security, security, Business software, ERP


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