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Why Digital Transformation is for all Manufacturers

Posted on 7 June 2019 by Dale Kehler


Digital transformation is achievable for all manufacturers.

A ‘DX’ strategy unlocks real value today and transforms your business for future success.

The problems that digitalization solves strike at the very heart of manufacturer’s challenges today. What is real and what matters right now is how technology can solve immediate problems. Manufacturers are under competitive pressure to deliver better goods at lower costs. They want to reduce costs and streamline processes in their supply chains and factories. At the same time, customers are asking for more unique features in the products they buy. Customization versus standard products are often difficult trade-offs with implications in design processes, production costs, and schedules.

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Topics: Business software, ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Data, ERP and Digitization

4 Highlights of Microsoft Build 2019

Posted on 30 May 2019 by Rob Stummer

Microsoft_build_conference_2019_and_ERP_IntelligenceRecently I was I lucky enough to take a break from cleaning barnacles off the hull of the good ship SYSPRO to spend the week attending the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle. Microsoft uses this conference to communicate their technology vision and strategy to technology professionals. It’s a great way for nerds to get their creative juices flowing – so, apologies in advance for the long post! Stick with me, and I’ll try to end on a lighter note.

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Topics: Software development, Business software, Cloud computing, ERP and Analytics, ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Digitization


Is Manufacturing in Australasia Ready for Industry 4.0?

Posted on 28 May 2019 by Rob Stummer

Is_Australia_ready_for_industry_4.0With all the discussion around Industry 4.0, how ready are we for it in this region and how many manufacturers have fully embraced it? It’s widely agreed that manufacturing has experienced a decade of productivity stagnation and demand fragmentation and the fact is that this level of innovation is long overdue. It’s been proven that the Australasian organizations that have taken Industry 4.0 innovation to scale beyond the pilot phase have experienced unprecedented increases in efficiency with minimal loss of employees.

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Topics: Business software, ERP for Manufacturing, ERP and Technology, ERP and Digitization

How to Attract a Next-Generation Workforce through Digital Transformation

Posted on 24 May 2019 by Dawna Olsen

4_step_to_boost_next_generation_erp_and_workforce_with_digital_transformationThe digital shift in manufacturing and distribution as well as the wave of Baby Boomer retirement (also known as the “Silver Tsunami”) is influencing decision-makers to examine a new way of conducting business.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 76 million Baby Boomers are expected to retire in the coming years, and their current labor participation rate will fall from 80% to below 40% by 2022. This means we must prepare to support a new wave of talent, with new needs and expectations.

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Topics: Business software, ERP systems, ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Digitization

How ERP can Promote Growth for Manufacturing SMEs

Posted on 21 May 2019 by Nick McGrane

how_erp_helps_with_grow_for_manufacturing_smesMany SMEs experience growing pains as they attempt to make the transition from a small to medium-sized business. Our team at K3 Syspro spends much of its time talking to manufacturers about the challenges they face in scaling up their operations and explaining how building digital resilience is a key part of any growth story. A comprehensive ERP system is able to equip business leaders with a set of solutions to tackle the challenges ahead and business growth.

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Topics: Business software, ERP for Manufacturing, ERP and Technology, ERP and Data, ERP and Digitization

6 Reasons to Upgrade to SYSPRO 8

Posted on 16 May 2019 by MARK WILSON (On-Par Strategist)

6_reasons_to_upgrade_to_syspro_8Imagine increasing productivity and accelerating user engagement through one single platform, a platform that’s easy to use, personalized, fosters collaboration and empowers users in their daily operations. Too good to be true? It isn’t, the future is here with SYSPRO 8, the ultimate innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

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Topics: ERP systems, ERP and Technology, ERP and Digitization, ERP Upgrades, Maintaining/Upgrading ERP

3 Ways to Boost Your Warehouse Management with ERP

Posted on 13 May 2019 by Doug Hunter

boost_warehouse_management_with_ERPSo your warehouse is bulging – why? Because product demand is high and you’re holding buffer-stock to protect your customer service, like all well-trained inventory managers do. But are you holding the right stock? Are you actually protecting the brands you know because your ear to the market is too far removed? And suppliers, maybe you’re dictating what brands you push to retailers, funding poor demand info with rebates to keep retail buyers happy. But what about me, the guy who buys the stuff?

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Topics: ERP systems, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, ERP and Technology, ERP and Digitization, ERP and Lean Manufacturing

What Exactly is Digital Transformation and How it Benefits You?

Posted on 7 May 2019 by Dale Kehler

what_exactly_is_digital_transformation_and_its_benefitsThe future for companies that don’t embrace digital transformation and digitization (the digital technology used to enable digital transformation) looks increasingly challenging.

To ensure that your organization can leverage these new solutions, you need to understand what exactly digital transformation is, to then embrace it.

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Topics: ERP systems, ERP and Analytics, ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Digitization

Six Ways to Achieve Personalization in Your ERP Workspace

Posted on 30 April 2019 by Russell Hollick

6_ways_to_personalize_your_erp_workspaceERP can be an incredibly significant solution for business; if implemented correctly it can create a more efficient and productive manufacturing or distribution organization. However, the best ERP systems in the world will not make any difference to your rate of collaboration or increase productivity if your employees are reluctant to adopt the new software.

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Topics: Business software, ERP systems, ERP and Technology, ERP and Digitization, ERP Upgrades, ERP and UI and UX

Understanding Machine Learning: A New Era of Intelligence and Business

Posted on 25 April 2019 by Rob Hurry

Understanding erMachine Learning I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Ever since the fictional ‘sentient computer’ HAL 9000 went rogue in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, people have been uneasy about the idea of machines being able to think for themselves.

Recent business thinking has come around to the more enlightened view that machines that are exclusively programmed by humans will have inherent limitations in their ability to mine data for insights and predictions. That’s where machine learning comes in – the ability of computers to perform tasks without explicit instructions.

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Topics: ERP and Analytics, ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Digitization


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