Wouter Combrinck, Product Development Manager, SYSPRO

Wouter Combrinck (The Supply Chain Champion Sc2)

Wouter Combrinck, SYSPRO’s Product Development Manager – Supply Chain, has been with the company for three years. He is responsible for the enhancement and maintenance of the SYSPRO ERP product with a focus on functionality in the supply chain division, which includes distribution and manufacturing.

Prior to joining SYRPRO, Wouter accumulated 17 years’ experience in production, quality and IT management, holding senior positions in these disciplines across a diversity of sectors such as construction, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), manufacturing, assembly and packaging, not to mention a short personal venture into the restaurant business.  At SYSPRO, his treasure chest of experience hones and enhances the SYSPRO ERP offering to perfection.  As a certified quality management systems auditor, Wouter has overseen the implementations of ISO 9000:2000, HACCP and Six Sigma accreditation programs, all of which stand him in good stead in his current role.

With his passion for the manufacturing environment and his love for data management, Wouter drives collaborative interaction of software and flow processes to provide workable solutions for the manufacturing business.

Outside of work Wouter shares an environmentally friendly living space (including garden dams stocked with Koi) with his partner of 14 years and their Weimaraner dogs.

Wouter completed his Industrial Engineering qualification at the University of Pretoria.

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2 thoughts on “Wouter Combrinck, Product Development Manager, SYSPRO

  1. Wouter, we are a food packaging company in Cape Town. Our aim is to to be a world class food packaging company using Syspro ERP for our Inventory Management, BOM and Supply Chain Requirements. We are currently using Syspro, although we are not using Syspro as a fully integrated inventory management system.
    Our aim is to fully utilize the Syspro ERP modules so as to eliminate far too much manual intervention within our current ERP structure.
    Please can you contact me to chat about certain Inventory Management enhancements that we can apply.

    • Hi Mark, thank you for your comment. I have asked someone from our Cape Town office to contact you and discuss this further offline.

      Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will be about the “missing link” in most supply chains, where I will focus on ISO 22000 – Food Safety.

      We will get in touch with you soon.

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