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Future ERP Trends Explained

Posted on 26 April 2016 by Darren Edwards

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology), Owning or (Running) ERP

AI Victory Set to Transform ERP

Posted on 21 April 2016 by Kevin Dherman

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Topics: ERP for Manufacturing, Technology (or Enterprise Technology), ERP and Analytics


10 Reasons Why COOs Rely on ERP

Posted on 19 April 2016 by Gavin Verreyne

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Topics: Applying and Operating ERP

Dream a Little Dream of ERP

Posted on 14 April 2016 by Tracey Gates

tracey_dream_a_little_dream_of_erp.jpgEverything needs love – even your ERP. After all, it’s among your most important IT assets. And no – I’m not being facetious. In some respects, your ERP is no different from a child. It needs to change, it needs to grow, and it needs to be looked after.

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Topics: ERP for Manufacturing, Owning or (Running) ERP

Using Technology for Food Sustainability

Posted on 12 April 2016 by Wouter Combrinck

Wouter_food_wastage.jpgThe Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that the global volume of edible food wastage is as much as 1.6 billion tons.

It’s a mind-boggling statistic if you consider that this equates to roughly one-third of all food produced for human consumption. This means that hunger across the globe could effectively be eradicated simply by recovering only half of what is lost or wasted.

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology), Supply Chain Management

The Skinny on Scalability

Posted on 5 April 2016 by Al Brough

alistair_the_skinny_on_scalability.jpgScalability is a bit of a buzz word these days. Some experts struggle to find a consistent definition, but it remains an important concept for understanding the growth-related characteristics of businesses, and of the systems, such as ERP, that support them.

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Topics: Maintaining/Upgrading ERP, SYSPRO User Tips


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