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4 Tips for a Successful Industry 4.0 Initiative

Posted on 27 March 2019 by Kevin Dherman

Industry 4.0 and erp technologyWe are living in the dawn of a new era. Whether you call it Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or Smart Manufacturing, there’s no denying that manufacturing is evolving at a pace never seen before.

With the dawn comes illumination, but not necessarily clarity. The breakneck speed with which companies are figuring out how to collect (and find value in) massive amounts of data, and integrate digital technologies such as industrial robotics, 3D printing, machine learning, OCR, cloud computing, augmented reality, and sensors, can make the Industry 4.0 revolution seem intimidating and enigmatic.

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology), ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Digitization

Lean Manufacturing Implementation and the Change Management Journey

Posted on 22 March 2019 by Roger Landman


In the first blog on this topic, I described the origins and background to lean manufacturing. In the second blog – lean manufacturing journey, the key activities of the model described in the book entitled “Lean Thinking” were introduced. While this is seen as the most popular model, there are a few reservations about it. These will be covered as we progress.

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Topics: Business software, ERP for Manufacturing, ERP and Lean Manufacturing


How can Digital Transformation (DX) Solve my Manufacturing Challenges?

Posted on 19 March 2019 by Dale Kehler

Digital_transformation_and_the_value_for-ManufacturersA question on many lips these days is: how can Digital Transformation (DX) solve my manufacturing challenges?

Manufacturers are under competitive pressure to deliver better goods at lower costs. They want to reduce costs and streamline processes in their supply chains and factories. At the same time, customers are asking for more unique features in the products they buy. Customization versus standard products are often difficult trade-offs with implications in design processes, production costs, and schedules.

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology), ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Digitization, Return on Investment

Why Businesses Should Implement Measurable Training Programmes

Posted on 14 March 2019 by MARK WILSON (On-Par Strategist)

Measurable_Training_and_Goals_for_ROIThe rapid pace of today’s business means that relevant skills are becoming outdated more quickly than ever before. This naturally creates challenges for companies that are trying to innovate and achieve growth.

In fact, a PwC report shows that 98 percent of South African CEOs are worried about the availability of key skills within their organizations. And this growing skills gap extends beyond highly sought-after tech skills.

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Topics: Education, Training and Certification, ERP and Technology, ERP Education, Return on Investment

Why Industry 4.0 is the New Financial Paradigm

Posted on 12 March 2019 by Sanjay Galal

Industry 4.0_the_new_Paradigm_for_Finance_and ManufacturingIt’s a fascinating time to be in finance, especially for those of us who enjoy a challenge, change, and personal growth. For those who don’t, the way ahead could be tough. Industry 4.0 becomes the prevailing paradigm for manufacturing, finance, new technologies, collaborations and new ways of thinking need to be embraced.

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Topics: ERP and Financial Management, ERP for Manufacturing, ERP and Analytics, ERP and Technology

ERP Boosts Procurement Creating a Channel for Innovative Business

Posted on 7 March 2019 by Doug Hunter

ERP or rather MRP systems for many years (in SYSPRO’s case, for 40 years!) have enabled Purchasing via requisitions through approval – then purchase orders with more approval – receiving via a GRN process – and finally payment of supplier invoices. This system still works fine and is best loved by administration and micro-managing Procurement Managers.

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Topics: Planning for ERP (or Purchasing ERP)


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