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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Best-of-Breed vs. Integrated Stack

Posted on 23 July 2019 by Jakes Mantle


Just this morning, a client informed me that she couldn’t move her company to the Cloud for reasons of security. Security? For a company that makes muffins? She nodded, emphatically, noting that her muffins were a popular item. I spluttered a little before responding: ‘But…worrying about Cloud security is so…2016….’

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Topics: Cloud computing, Cloud ERP, ERP and Technology, ERP and Digitization, Return on Investment

4 Highlights of Microsoft Build 2019

Posted on 30 May 2019 by Rob Stummer

Microsoft_build_conference_2019_and_ERP_IntelligenceRecently I was I lucky enough to take a break from cleaning barnacles off the hull of the good ship SYSPRO to spend the week attending the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle. Microsoft uses this conference to communicate their technology vision and strategy to technology professionals. It’s a great way for nerds to get their creative juices flowing – so, apologies in advance for the long post! Stick with me, and I’ll try to end on a lighter note.

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Topics: Software development, Business software, Cloud computing, ERP and Analytics, ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Digitization


Let's Get Engaged! The Marriage of UX and Industry 4.0

Posted on 26 February 2019 by Jakes Mantle

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Topics: Cloud computing, ERP and Technology, ERP and UI and UX

Business Manager’s Guide to Software Infrastructure

Posted on 24 February 2015 by Dave Cavan

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Topics: Cloud computing, Planning for ERP (or Purchasing ERP)

When to put your ERP system in the cloud

Posted on 7 November 2013 by Andy Latham

ERP-system-in-the-cloudThe other week I was at a friend’s house having a barbeque when his granddaughter ran out of the house clutching my friend’s iPad asking (in a way that only 4 year old girls can) to watch Peppa Pig. My friend’s reaction was to tell her to put the TV on but the demand came back “NO! On my pad, on my pad”. I watched with interest as my friend downloaded a TV App on to the iPad and showed his granddaughter how to watch Peppa Pig in the garden whilst we continued to cook our lunch.

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Topics: Business software, Cloud computing, ERP systems, ERP for Manufacturing, Technology (or Enterprise Technology)

Cloud not ready for ERP in manufacturing

Posted on 30 August 2012 by Kevin Dherman

While cloud computing is one of the latest trends in the IT industry, the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service is not that new. In fact, some of the underlying concepts of cloud computing date back to the 1970s with users accessing mainframes via thin clients or terminal computers.

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Topics: Business software, Cloud computing, ERP systems, ERP for Manufacturing

Mining the Possibilities of a Green Cloud

Posted on 27 June 2012 by Pierre Van Dalen

I recently finished watching the new television series, Grimm. The lead character in the adventure discovers that he is a descendent of the Brothers Grimm. This led me to reread the Brothers Grimm fairytales and inevitably, I came across Mother Holly again. To cut a long fairy tale short, a widow’s stepdaughter ends up working for the devilish Mother Holly. However the quality of her work is so great that Mother Holly ends up sending her back to the ‘real’ world covered in gold. When the widow discovers this treasure, she sends her biological daughter to Mother Holly hoping for more gold. Unfortunately she is not as diligent as her stepsister and ends up being sent back home covered in coal.

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Topics: Cloud computing, ERP systems

Keeping up with the customers

Posted on 10 November 2011 by Louise Thompson

I found it interesting to note how two recent and completely unrelated events, both emphasized the growing impact of mobile devices in the world of computer technology. The first was a product survey that SYSPRO conducted amongst its customers across the globe. It produced an extensive number of individual responses to a wide range of questions; offering ample evidence of SYSPRO’s ability to understand and address the needs of its customers. Our intention was to listen to what our customers regarded as the key needs to be addressed in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, to help equip them better for the future. We were also keen to get their honest comments on our existing products and services.

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Topics: Business software, Cloud computing, Mobile ERP, Technology (or Enterprise Technology)

Coming out of the (book) closet

Posted on 24 May 2011 by Phil Duff


I like books. You know, the kind that are made out of paper and have words typed onto a page. You may remember them. That was before we had eReaders which I really don’t like. With a real book you can feel the pages and turn them with your fingers. I cannot remember a time when the battery on my book ran out, and if I drop my book on the beach by accident I don’t have to worry that its casing may be broken. In any case, I like my bookmark.

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Topics: Business software, Cloud computing, ERP systems


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