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Adaptive Learning - Using AI to Enhance the Learning Experience

Posted on 27 August 2019 by Tiffany Gierke


I told my team a few weeks ago that I have started learning Arabic. There were a few raised eye-brows and finally, “Why Arabic?” Well, Arabic is so far removed from all the other languages I have learned, and I needed a new challenge. And I can do this on my mobile using Duolingo.

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Topics: ERP and Analytics, Education, Training and Certification, ERP Education, ERP and Data, ERP and Digitization

How to Personalize Your Learning Management System for a Better UX

Posted on 16 April 2019 by Tiffany Gierke

Personalized Learning Management System for better UXMy husband and I had a chuckle the other day as we realized we were turning into our parents. While driving, we changed from the radio station playing the latest hits to the one that plays old school hits and immediately started singing along. Just like our parents used to do.

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Topics: Education, Training and Certification, ERP Education, ERP and Digitization


Why Businesses Should Implement Measurable Training Programmes

Posted on 14 March 2019 by MARK WILSON (On-Par Strategist)

Measurable_Training_and_Goals_for_ROIThe rapid pace of today’s business means that relevant skills are becoming outdated more quickly than ever before. This naturally creates challenges for companies that are trying to innovate and achieve growth.

In fact, a PwC report shows that 98 percent of South African CEOs are worried about the availability of key skills within their organizations. And this growing skills gap extends beyond highly sought-after tech skills.

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Topics: Education, Training and Certification, ERP and Technology, ERP Education, Return on Investment

Top eLearning Trends for 2019

Posted on 10 January 2019 by Tiffany Gierke

erp education - people at computer doing e-training

It felt like just yesterday that I was discussing the eLearning trends of 2018. And here I am, seeing what’s trending in 2019. I am convinced the world is spinning faster each year.

For 2019, the front runner is still Virtual Reality. I still find this a challenging trend as our customers and partners would be required to have the hardware to make use of this type of learning. This cannot be guaranteed. We’d need to weigh up the benefit of creating such education with how much it would be used. So, for now, I’ll keep the goggles on the shelf.

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