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What is a Cycle Count? The Importance and Benefits to Your Inventory Management

Posted on 7 August 2019 by Roger Landman

what_is_cycle_counting_and_how_does_it_boosts_your_Inventory_managementThere seems to be quite a lot of confusion around Cycle Counting vs. Stocktaking.  So, before we discuss the importance of Cycle Counting, we will need to understand WHAT Cycle Counting is, and What Cycle Counting is NOT:

What is a Cycle Count?

Traditional inventory audits or stock takes, involve counting all of the stock that the organization has on a particular date.  Typically this is at the end of the year but can be monthly, depending upon the organization’s Stock Control Policy.

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Topics: Business software, Inventory Management, ERP and Technology, ERP and Data, ERP and Digitization, ERP for Inventory

4 Ways Data Warehouses Solve the Challenges of Business Reporting

Posted on 11 June 2019 by Deirdré Fryer


In rapidly evolving markets, businesses today have no other option but to increasingly rely on data and analytics. Inundated with information, and the time is takes to correlate and gather multiple data can be tedious, often leading to errors. We’re only human after all. But with data warehouses, a company is provided with a practical, scalable solution. 

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Topics: Business software, ERP systems, ERP and Analytics, ERP and Data, ERP for Inventory


4 Dos and Don’ts of Inventory Management for All Manufacturing Operations

Posted on 11 April 2019 by Doug Hunter

dos and donts for Inventory Management and manufacturingThe current power crisis in South Africa is teaching all of its citizens a few lessons in inventory, distribution and asset management. Here’s how these lessons translate into better inventory management for all manufacturing operations.  

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Topics: Managing inventory with ERP, ERP and Technology, ERP for Inventory


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