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Doug Hunter

Doug currently heads up Product Services for SYSPRO Africa.

He has been a Scotsman in Africa for 30 years. He spent 14 of them at SAP through their initial to recent SCM solution growth. His last role there was Head of Africa Pre-Sales. He has worked in SADC, East, West and Francophone Africa.

At heart he’s a manufacturing/logistics business professional - rather than an IT techie. His passion is to help companies discover and implement innovation using people, processes and appropriate business IT.

Doug enjoys writing, traveling, mountain bike riding and drinking Malt Whisky - but not at the same time!

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Leveraging the power of BI and Data that IT offers today

Posted on 16 July 2019 by Doug Hunter


Nowadays, we take information technology (IT) for granted and simply expect it to be intuitive to use and for it to simplify our lives. IT enables our personal and business processes and actions to help us lead organized and effective lives. But the ins and outs are completely interconnected. You cannot have one without the other, and successful outcomes rely on what’s put in.

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Topics: Business software, Technology (or Enterprise Technology), ERP and Analytics, ERP and Technology, ERP and Data, ERP and Digitization

3 Ways to Boost Your Warehouse Management with ERP

Posted on 13 May 2019 by Doug Hunter

boost_warehouse_management_with_ERPSo your warehouse is bulging – why? Because product demand is high and you’re holding buffer-stock to protect your customer service, like all well-trained inventory managers do. But are you holding the right stock? Are you actually protecting the brands you know because your ear to the market is too far removed? And suppliers, maybe you’re dictating what brands you push to retailers, funding poor demand info with rebates to keep retail buyers happy. But what about me, the guy who buys the stuff?

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Topics: ERP systems, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, ERP and Technology, ERP and Digitization, ERP and Lean Manufacturing


4 Dos and Don’ts of Inventory Management for All Manufacturing Operations

Posted on 11 April 2019 by Doug Hunter

dos and donts for Inventory Management and manufacturingThe current power crisis in South Africa is teaching all of its citizens a few lessons in inventory, distribution and asset management. Here’s how these lessons translate into better inventory management for all manufacturing operations.  

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Topics: Managing inventory with ERP, ERP and Technology, ERP for Inventory

ERP Boosts Procurement Creating a Channel for Innovative Business

Posted on 7 March 2019 by Doug Hunter

ERP or rather MRP systems for many years (in SYSPRO’s case, for 40 years!) have enabled Purchasing via requisitions through approval – then purchase orders with more approval – receiving via a GRN process – and finally payment of supplier invoices. This system still works fine and is best loved by administration and micro-managing Procurement Managers.

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Topics: Planning for ERP (or Purchasing ERP)

Circular Economy: the Future of Manufacturing

Posted on 29 January 2019 by Doug Hunter

recycle_of_manufacturing_circular_economyOn a recent business trip to Cape Town, I had the pleasure of visiting a retail outlet that is operating completely plastic-free. This got me thinking about the concept of a circular economy.

Visualize taking a straight line and bending it inwards on itself until the endpoints meet to form a circle. This depicts the evolution from the existing linear economy to an insular one in which materials, energy, and resources are fed back into the loop – a circular economy.

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Topics: ERP for Manufacturing

Manage Your Inventory like a Pro this Festive Season

Posted on 11 December 2018 by Doug Hunter

be_a_manufacturing_pro_with_ERPTo most families the “Festive Season” is the celebration of a relevant religious festival or significant historic event. It could be Eid or Ramadan, Yom Kippur, Diwali or Christmas. Whichever, it creates a period of local or general change in behaviour. Families prepare elaborate meals, buy presents, take trips to meetings of like-minded people or family gatherings. Goodwill is shared, spread and enjoyed.

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Topics: ERP for Manufacturing

Future Perfect – ERP the Enabler

Posted on 24 October 2018 by Doug Hunter

Future_perfect_ERPI’m doing the rounds of SYSPRO Africa’s offices. It’s Monday 30 June 2031 (my birthday), and SaloME, chatbot and partner of KenDO, our latest chat releases, have everything under control. Having already arranged my trip, they just completed agreed roles and actions I set up with them via SYSPRO GOsist.

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Topics: Digital Business and ERP

Putting Service Delivery First … the USA Way

Posted on 25 September 2018 by Doug Hunter

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Topics: Education, Training and Certification

The many Faces of Business Mobility

Posted on 7 August 2018 by Doug Hunter

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Topics: ERP and Mobile Business

Is it Time to Blockchain Your Supply Chain?

Posted on 29 June 2018 by Doug Hunter

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Topics: Supply Chain Management


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