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Rob Stummer

Rob Stummer is the CEO for SYSPRO Australasia. With nearly 20 years of leadership roles, Rob is a senior technology industry leader who lives and breathes client success through the application of relevant technology, including SaaS and cloud solutions. Rob enjoys finding a vision, creating a strategy with purpose, and then connecting people through collaboration, engagement and open communication. His no-nonsense 'hands on' approach and strong work ethic are combined with common sense and a genuine passion for success. Rob loves being outdoors and loves to play golf and is also a keen snow skier.

4 Highlights of Microsoft Build 2019

Posted on 30 May 2019 by Rob Stummer

Microsoft_build_conference_2019_and_ERP_IntelligenceRecently I was I lucky enough to take a break from cleaning barnacles off the hull of the good ship SYSPRO to spend the week attending the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle. Microsoft uses this conference to communicate their technology vision and strategy to technology professionals. It’s a great way for nerds to get their creative juices flowing – so, apologies in advance for the long post! Stick with me, and I’ll try to end on a lighter note.

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Topics: Software development, Business software, Cloud computing, ERP and Analytics, ERP and Technology, Digital Business and ERP, ERP and Digitization

Is Manufacturing in Australasia Ready for Industry 4.0?

Posted on 28 May 2019 by Rob Stummer

Is_Australia_ready_for_industry_4.0With all the discussion around Industry 4.0, how ready are we for it in this region and how many manufacturers have fully embraced it? It’s widely agreed that manufacturing has experienced a decade of productivity stagnation and demand fragmentation and the fact is that this level of innovation is long overdue. It’s been proven that the Australasian organizations that have taken Industry 4.0 innovation to scale beyond the pilot phase have experienced unprecedented increases in efficiency with minimal loss of employees.

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Topics: Business software, ERP for Manufacturing, ERP and Technology, ERP and Digitization


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