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Steve Bassaw

Steve is a Professional Services Manager at SYSPRO. Steve has been with SYSPRO for over 12 years, and knows the SYSPRO product in depth.

With a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, he worked at a manufacturing company that used SYSPRO. To paraphrase a well-known TV commercial:“he liked the software so much he joined the company.”

Steve’s responsibilities are diverse, including assisting with pre-sales work, product training to resellers and customers, quality assurance of marketing collateral, seminar presentations, and technical support; all while acting as network administrator for the Canada office of SYSPRO.

His natural ability to translate software jargon into layman’s terms has always served him well as a presenter and trainer.

Steve’s favorite part of the software is manufacturing and he enjoys presenting to and working with SYSPRO partners and customers to get the best fit and value from the manufacturing modules. Having been a member of APICS, the premier source of knowledge in operations management, for 12 years, he has developed a sound knowledge of production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing and logistics.

Steve also works closely with the British Columbia Institute of Technology, one of Canada’s leading technology schools, where he assisted with the development of curricula to train students in operations management on ERP/manufacturing concepts. He serves on the advisory committee of the Institute’s School of Business, where he shares his knowledge on Information Technology and how it supports business requirements.


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