About Wouter Combrinck

Before I joined SYSPRO, I worked for 17 years in production, quality and IT management, where I held senior positions in these disciplines across a diversity of sectors such as construction, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), manufacturing, assembly and packaging, not to mention a short personal venture into the restaurant business. As a certified quality management systems auditor, I have overseen the implementations of ISO 9000:2000, HACCP and Six Sigma accreditation programs, all of which have served me well in my current role. I have been at SYSPRO for three years and as SYSPRO’s Product Development Manager - Supply Chain, I am responsible for the enhancement and maintenance of the SYSPRO ERP product with a focus on functionality in the supply chain division, which includes distribution and manufacturing. I am passionate about the manufacturing environment and data management, where I strive to facilitate collaborative interaction of software and flow processes, to provide workable solutions for the manufacturing business. I completed my Industrial Engineering qualification at the University of Pretoria. Outside of work I share an environmentally friendly living space (including garden dams stocked with Koi) with my partner of 14 years and our Weimaraner dogs.

In search of the perfect (ERP) fit

perfect ERP fitRecently I have been exposed to a big debate on an ERP LinkedIn forum around the use of descriptions in the industry such as customizing, personalizing, tailoring, and configuring. Is this just marketing semantics, or are there very real differences in the meaning of these phrases and the implications of using these phrases when describing, or more to the point, promoting an ERP system?
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The Rise of the Social Enterprise and its Impact on ERP

The world of technology is no longer just reserved for ‘techies.’ Consumer technology now spearheads the technologies which businesses later adopt. Clever user interfaces (UI) and good-looking hardware has also resulted in users building emotional bonds with hardware, such as their smartphone or tablet – something which was unheard of not so long ago.

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The Missing Link

I have always loved food with the passion it deserves. Of course this has at times resulted in an increased waistline. A little over a year ago I decided to do something about it and take back some control. I soon discovered that all the energy I once dedicated to over-eating was now directed at over-analyzing everything I consumed – in detail. One thing became clear; I had always been ignorant of what I was eating, and in such vast unhealthy quantities.

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ERP – The Extra Responsive Pedestal

When I first saw Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, ET – The Extra-Terrestrial, I was fascinated by its simple yet profound storyline. ET, an alien of sorts, ends up alone on Planet Earth when his fellow aliens accidentally leave him behind after a visit in their space ship. Unlike the children in the story, the adults are obsessed with the order, structures and habits they perceive as ‘normal’ and become his worst enemies, hell-bent on destroying him. Meanwhile, all ET wants to do is “phone home” for his friends to come and fetch him from the inhospitable planet.

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