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Al Brough

Al Brough is an Analyst at SYSPRO Asia. Before entering the world of ERP, Al worked extensively in the sugar and timber manufacturing industry.

With an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management, Al uses his broad knowledge base and pragmatic nature to find the perfect solution for every problem. His personal life is perfectly balanced by his lovely wife, an energetic Jack Russell, anything to do with trains and a slow-growing bonsai.

VPN Tunnels Part 2 – Increasing Security, Promoting Agility

Posted on 7 March 2017 by Al Brough

alistar_vpn_tunnels_increasing_security_promoting_agility_part2.jpgAs I mentioned in Part One of this blog, a VPN tunnel allows for the safe transfer of data across the Internet, and adds layers of security to your company network. It does this through the use of encryption and other security mechanisms (including hardware settings/passwords and approved IP addresses).

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Topics: Maintaining/Upgrading ERP, Owning or (Running) ERP

VPN Tunnels – Increasing Security, Promoting Agility

Posted on 7 February 2017 by Al Brough

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology), Owning or (Running) ERP


Ransomware and Beyond - Part 2

Posted on 10 January 2017 by Al Brough

alistair_ransomware_and_beyond_part_2.jpgNo networked computer system is immune to malware attacks, but some organisations actively prepare to defend themselves. Here, for example, is an illustrative news report that warms the cockles of my Technical-Support-Desk heart.

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Topics: Maintaining/Upgrading ERP

Ransomware and Beyond - Part 1

Posted on 8 November 2016 by Al Brough

alistair_ransomware_and_beyond_part_1.jpgThe Internet is teeming with cybercriminals armed with increasingly sophisticated malware designed to steal your data – or extort you for cash. It’s an evolutionary process, an arms race, and a threat to every organization doing business across the Internet. Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report contains some appalling statistics. During 2015:

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology), Maintaining/Upgrading ERP

Streamlining Your Company with ERP

Posted on 4 August 2016 by Al Brough


Streamlining isn’t just for planes, trains and automobiles. It’s also a valuable concept in business. Is competition fierce? Profit margins tight? Can the difference between success and failure boil down to a few minutes of lead time? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, it’s time to look for areas where you can minimize the drag on your business.

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Topics: ERP Implementation, Owning or (Running) ERP

The Evolution of SYSPRO’s UX

Posted on 5 July 2016 by Al Brough

alistair_evolution_of_syspro_ux.jpgThe evolution of the user experience (UX) is nothing short of remarkable. From Dieter Rams’ Blaupunkt designs in the 1960s, to the game-changing innovations of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 – the UX has expanded from individual design silos into the unified and much contemplated mission of entire organisations.

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology), Owning or (Running) ERP

Expanding the User Experience Beyond the Garden of Apple

Posted on 3 May 2016 by Al Brough

alistair_beyond_the_garden_of_apple.jpgYou can’t seem to have a conversation about UX without talking about Apple products – especially the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. The iPhone was obviously a ‘game changer’, but it didn’t appear out of thin air. Its design was at least as much evolutionary as revolutionary. Apple’s aesthetics were pre-figured in the 1960s, by Dieter Rams, a German designer who worked for Braun.

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology)

The Skinny on Scalability

Posted on 5 April 2016 by Al Brough

alistair_the_skinny_on_scalability.jpgScalability is a bit of a buzz word these days. Some experts struggle to find a consistent definition, but it remains an important concept for understanding the growth-related characteristics of businesses, and of the systems, such as ERP, that support them.

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Topics: Maintaining/Upgrading ERP, SYSPRO User Tips

The Bleeding Edge of Technology Part 2

Posted on 3 March 2016 by Al Brough

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Topics: ERP for Manufacturing, Technology (or Enterprise Technology), SYSPRO User Tips

The Bleeding Edge of Technology Part 1

Posted on 4 February 2016 by Al Brough

alistair_bleeding_edge_of_technology.jpg In 1965, Dr. Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel, made the following observation - the number of transistors per integrated circuit was doubling every year, with a correlative doubling of processor speed. In 1975 he refined his observation to describe a two-year cycle.

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Topics: Technology (or Enterprise Technology)


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